All That Glitters

by Orlando Whitfield


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    Non Fiction



    Published by Profile Books

    Published May 2024


    When Orlando Whitfield first met Inigo Philbrick, they were art history students, dreaming of selling art for a living.

    Their complex friendship lasted for fifteen years until one day, Inigo – by then the most successful dealer of his generation – disappeared, accused of a fraud so gigantic and audacious it rocked the art world to its core. A wickedly sharp memoir of greed, ambition and obsession, All That Glitters is the story of what happens when art and money collide – and who pays the price when they do. Orlando Whitfield takes you to the heart of the contemporary art world, a secretive, high-stakes arena, where late-stage capitalism is a blood sport – a place wilder and wealthier than you could ever imagine.

    ‘One of the hottest memoirs of 2024’ Sunday Times Style

    ‘An art world Great Gatsby, deliciously withering and dishy.’ Patrick Radden Keefe

    ‘Explosive … the inside story of the biggest art fraud in American history’ Guardian

    ‘Liar’s Poker, but for art’ Economist

    ‘A brilliant, devastating exposé’ William Boyd

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