Appointment with Yesterday

by Celia Fremlin


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    Published by Faber & Faber

    Published June 2024

    A classic seaside psychological thriller from author of crime table favourite Uncle Paul:

    FOUND IN FLAT was all she could see of the headline, but it was enough: enough to freeze her hovering hand…

    Milly Barnes has just arrived in the seaside town of Seacliffe. Between windswept walks on the beach, she settles into lodgings and finds work as a Daily Help. Except this isn’t her real name – ‘Milly’ is on the run from her past life, escaping a nightmare marriage.

    Abandoned by her first husband for another woman, she took revenge by marrying Gilbert: but this proved a terrible mistake. Trapped in a London basement flat, she became a victim of his increasingly paranoid delusions. But what really happened in that underground dungeon? And is somebody on her trail, the hunter in a game of cat-and-mouse…?

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