How Trees Can Save the World

by Peter Wohlleben


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    Natural World



    Published by HarperCollins

    Published March 2024

    From the internationally bestselling author of The Hidden Life of Trees

    Described as “a love letter to the forest,” How Trees Can Save the World is as fascinating and eye-opening as it is trenchant in its critique: on the one hand, Wohlleben describes astonishing discoveries about how trees pass knowledge down to succeeding generations; on the other, he is unsparing in his criticism of those who wield economic and political power – who plant trees exclusively for the sake of logging and virtue signalling – even as they ruthlessly exploit nature.

    In his latest book, Wohlleben is dismissive of token gestures in terms of tree planting. Just as, in his first book, he compared forest trees to ‘families’ and urban trees to ‘street urchins’, in How Trees Can Save the World he uses equally powerful metaphors to compare tree planting to battery farming. However, he also describes trees’ determination to survive, describing seedlings breaking through the earth where you least expect them as ‘stalwart tree children’.”

    Wohlleben is one of the world’s most notable foresters and a passionate advocate for tree conservation.

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