Make Your Own T-Rex

by DK


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    Published by Dorling Kindersley

    Published June 2024

    A book and kit combination to build your own dinosaur and discover what made T-Rex the terror of its time. This book/kit for 9-12-year-olds combines learning with fun while building a T-Rex model, based on a real T-Rex skeleton.

    Children will love to learn about the mighty T-Rex, as they build this 70cm-long model that’s easy to put together. Whilst assembling, they are encouraged to read the accompanying book which includes lots of facts. Each page looks at a different part of the mighty T-Rex as it is pieced together, so building dinosaur know-how.

    This make-your-own dinosaur kit offers:

    • A model built of 80 sturdy “bones” that stands 30 cm tall and 70 cm long
    • An easy to assemble kit – no need for glue; the pieces just slot together following the step-by-step instructions
    • A book to learn as you build, packed with facts about this fearsome predator – its anatomy, behaviour, and habitat.

    This book/kit provides information and theories about T-Rex, including its behaviour and whether it had feathers.

    Starting with the base, step-by-step photographic instructions clearly show how each stage of the model slots together. In building the model, a child will learn about the Cretaceous world, fossils, and palaeontology.  In constructing the legs and feet, children will discover facts about claws, muscles, the tail, and stance. As building the model develops, youngsters also learn about dinosaur behaviour, speed, teeth, diet, fearsome hunting techniques, raising young, and defence.

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