Reading Around the World: F is for Finland

The Summer Book by Tove Janssen is our featured book of the month

We have missed getting together and talking about books, so please join us at the bookshop on Monday 25th July at 6pm to share your comments and reflections on Tove Jansson’s The Summer Book. Will you agree with Esther Freud and Philip Pulman?

‘Eccentric, funny, wise, full of joys and small adventures. This is a book for life.’ Esther Freud

‘Tove Jansson was a genius. This is a marvellous, beautiful, wise novel, which is also very funny.’ Philip Pullman.

Everyone is welcome to join our reading group and there is 10% off our featured book. Our discussion session is free to attend but places are limited so that we have time to listen to all comments and insights. Please call in to chat, phone us on (01628) 473240 or email on to reserve your place.

We hope you’ll enjoy being part of our Reading Group community as we continue to Read Around the World – a different book will be chosen each month. Next month: G is for …?