An author talk with

Anya Lautenbach

The Money-Saving Gardener

Thursday 14th March 2024 at 6:30pm

Tickets for this event are now sold out.


Create your dream garden at a fraction of the cost.

Appearing on Instagram as “Anya the Garden Fairy”, Anya Lautenbach already has a following of enthusiasts. We are delighted to be hosting an evening when Anya will be showcasing her new book ‘The Money-Saving Gardener’.

Anya’s book promises to help us beat the rising cost of living and transform our gardens on a budget. 

The Money-Saving Gardener reveals the tips and tricks to keeping costs down without compromising on style or impact. Through Anya’s guidance, we will learn how to repurpose what we have, make the most of so-called garden “waste”, and boost our plant collection for next-to-nothing with seed-saving and propagation hacks.

Revealing the plants that will give the best long-term value for money, cost-cutting tips for every season, and projects for making the most of propagated cuttings and seedlings, The Money-Saving Gardener proves that a stunning garden doesn’t need to cost the earth or break the bank.

This book includes all of Anya’s tips and tricks. A go-to for when you need to know what and when to propagate, how to collect and grow from seeds, step-by-step instructions, measurements and more.

Anya’s hope is that this book will help us create a garden of our dreams at a fraction of the cost – just as Anya herself has done.

Springtime is the ideal opportunity for a garden-themed book evening. We look forward to hearing more from Anya at our event. Please join us.

You may ORDER ‘The Money-Saving Gardener’ HERE